Fishing Reports

Fly Shop / GuideReportsRiver Systems
519 At Ease ChartersFishing ReportManistee, Muskegon
Au Sable River OutfittersAu Sable
Au Sable Riverview ResortFishing ReportAu Sable
Baldwin Bait & TackleFishing ReportPere Marquette
Betts Guide ServiceFishing ReportManistee, Muskegon
Boyne OutfittersFishing ReportBlack, Boyne, Jordan, upper Manistee, Maple, Pigeon, Sturgeon
Caddis Shack Guide ServiceFishing ReportUpper Peninsula
Century Circle Guide Manistee, Muskegon, Pere Marquette, White
CF River Products Au Sable, upper Manistee
Country Anglers Au Sable, Pere Marquette
Current WorksFishing ReportBetsie, Boardman, Manistee
Dark Waters Fly ShopFishing ReportIron River, Upper Peninsula
Feenstra Guide ServiceFishing ReportMuskegon
Fly Fire Guide ServiceFishing ReportMuskegon
Fly Fishing Michigan RiversFishing ReportMuskegon, upper Manistee, Pere Marquette, White
Gates Au Sable LodgeFishing ReportAu Sable, upper Manistee
Getting Bit Guide ServiceFishing ReportMuskegon
Gray Drake LodgeFishing ReportMuskegon, St. Joe
Great Lakes Fly Fishing Co.Fishing ReportMuskegon, Rogue
Hawkins OutfittersFishing Report Boardman, Manistee, Pere Marquette
Indigo Guide Service Pere Marquette
Into the Wild Fly FishingFishing ReportUpper Peninsula
J & J River Guides Manistee, Pere Marquette
John’s Guide ServiceFishing ReportManistee, Pere Marquette
Little Forks Outfitters  
McCool Outdoor Au Sable, Boardman, Manistee Northern Michigan Rivers
Muskegon River Fly ShopFishing ReportMuskegon
Nomad AnglersFishing ReportGrand, Muskegon
North Branch Outing ClubFishing ReportAu Sable (main and North Branch)
Northern AnglerFishing Report Au Sable, Boardman, Manistee
Northern Michigan Fly Fishing Au Sable, Boardman
Northern Steel Outfitters Upper Peninsula
Old Au Sable Fly ShopFishing ReportAu Sable, Manistee
Orvis – Grand RapidsFishing ReportStatewide
Orvis – Royal OakFishing ReportStatewide
Outfitters NorthFishing ReportPere Marquette
Pere Marquette River LodgeFishing ReportPere Marquette
Premier Angling Guide ServiceFishing ReportManistee, Pine, Pere Marquette
R and M Guide Service Grand, Manistee, Muskegon, Pere Marquette
Reel WatersFishing ReportBlack, Jordan, Maple, Pigeon Sturgeon
Ripple Guide ServiceFishing ReportDowagiac, St. Joe
Rivers Bend Guide ServiceFishing ReportGrand, Muskegon, Pere Marquette
Rivers North Guide SourceFishing ReportUpper Peninsula
River Ninja OutfittersFishing ReportPere Marquette
River Rat Dog  Manistee, Muskegon
RiverQuest ChartersFishing ReportMuskegon
Rons Fly ShopFishing ReportAu Sable, Manistee
Schultz Outfitters Huron
Streamside OrvisFishing ReportBoardman, upper Manistee
Streamside Guide ServiceFishing ReportAu Sable, Betsie, upper Manistee, Platte, Rifle
Superior OutfittersFishing ReportUpper Peninsula
The Fish WhispererFishing ReportManistee, Pere Marquette, White
The Fly Factor Grand, Kalamazoo, St. Joe
True North TroutFishing ReportAu Sable, Boyne, Jordan, Manistee, Sturgeon
Ultimate Outfitters Manistee
U.P. Fly Angler Upper Peninsula
Werkman OutfittersFishing ReportGrand, Muskegon, White
West Michigan Fly FishingFishing ReportFlat, Grand, Manistee, Muskegon, Pere Marquette, White, Rogue
Wolfe Outfitters Au Sable, Betsie, Platte, Manistee, Pere Marquette
Wild Rise Outfitters Northern Michigan Streams
Woodland Rivers Guide ServiceFishing ReportSE Michigan

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