Dirty Water = BIG AND BRIGHT

Pere Marquette fished well for Steelhead last week, despite the high water.  The river is still high with faster then normal flow’s. The clarity in the upper stretches is good, lower you go the dirtier it gets though. For flies last week it was giant Clown Egg’s and Leeches

The Spring Steelhead Run Update

With the recent warm temperatures in West Michigan spring is on everyone’s mind. With that, steelhead fishing is back. After a long winter of deep snow and polar vortexes the cabin fever can be broke by hitting the rivers. Here’s our fishing report.

After the recent flooding event in West

It’s….The Final Countdown!

(Jacob with a beautiful spring steelhead)

Here’s Dad with his 11-year-old son Jacob with a very healthy steelhead from the Muskegon River.  It was a tag team effort to bring this big hen to the boat.  Despite her not wanting the photo shoot, booth Andrew and Jacob got the

March 23, 2019

Hi guys,

Sorry I didn’t get another post up before the weekend, but both Johns did I believe and it is nice to spread them out at least a little bit! Soon enough, we will be adding yet another report page from Donnie Richards who has joined team BBT for

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