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Streamer camp has come and gone, and it was — like the rest of them — its own unique experience.  It’s winter up here.  There is snow on the ground.  It’s seven degrees right now as I write this.  Seven degrees!  The rivers are pocked with departed spawning beds, and

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Michigan DNR Fishing Report for Nov. 14, 2018

Southwest Lower Peninsula

Black River: Shore anglers were still getting some steelhead when drifting or using spawn on the bottom. A few lake trout were also caught.

Grand River at Grand Rapids: Steelhead anglers were still getting fish up near the dam. Try small spoons, spinners, plugs, spawn bags or a jig and wax worm.

Grand River at Lansing: Some steelhead were caught between Ionia and Portland. No big numbers but a few fish here and there. Boat anglers were trolling crank baits while shore anglers and those wading were using spawn or flies.

Muskegon River: Steelhead are being caught though the run is still spotty. Fish can be found in both the shallows and the deeper holes. Some are casting spoons, beads and crank baits while others are fly casting. Water temperatures were in the low to mid 40’s.

White River: Is producing steelhead.

Northeast Lower Peninsula

Thunder Bay River: Atlantic salmon, steelhead, a couple Chinook salmon, lake trout and brown trout have been caught by those casting spoons, spinners and crank baits or when bottom bouncing and floating beads or spawn bags. Fly anglers stripping and swinging streamers have also taken fish. Some steelhead were moving into the river and the bite picked up. Most of the Atlantic salmon were still spawning but a few are post spawn and were dropping off the beds. Those still-fishing with minnows caught a few small perch.

Au Sable River: Most of the Atlantic salmon were still on the beds but a few hungry post spawn fish have been caught. Steelhead and the odd Chinook were also caught when casting spoons and spinners or when bottom bouncing or floating spawn, flies and beads. Fly anglers were stripping streamers and using egg patterns. A few more fall steelhead were entering the river. A couple large fish up to 10 pounds were caught.

Northwest Lower Peninsula

Manistee River: Should still have a decent number of steelhead however with snow and cold temperatures, many are hunting instead of fishing.

Pere Marquette River: Had a few anglers targeting steelhead but the bite was slow.

Pentwater River: Is producing steelhead.

Upper Peninsula

Two Hearted River: Luce County has received several inches of snow over the past week which will make navigation near the river difficult. Steelhead reports have been spotty with a few fish being picked up here and there. Most anglers are targeting fish down near the mouth. Those using small worms with a sinker caught Menominee near the mouth.

Muskegon River Fishing Report – November 14, 2018 – Newaygo, Michigan

Muskegon River Fishing Report-November 14, 2018-Newaygo, Michigan

Wes brought his Canadian fishing skills to the Muskegon river on a group trip and got this nice male Steelhead.


The Muskegon river fall and early winter steelhead run is in progress now and will be going through December and into the

2018 XL Steelhead

XL Steelhead

I like to think of the steelhead season like a hockey game.  It has three periods to the game, that last a total of 6-7 months.  Period one is the Fall-Run, then Winter Steelhead, and the final period is Spring Steelhead. In the first period of this game,

Mid-November Fishing Report

What happened to Fall? The last five days have been sub-freezing with some snow each day helping to drop the water temps and put the fish into a little bit of a funk. Once temps stabilize, the steelhead will do the same and begin to eat again as they have

Winter’s Arrived Early!

Cold November Rains quickly changed into a Winter Wonderland on the banks of the Pere Marquette River. Fall appears to have left Northern Michigan for 2018. Winter Steelheading is in full effect, with the white stuff on the ground and water temps dropping like a rock. You can find Steelhead

November 13, 2018

Hey guys, seems like John and I both keep slacking a little then suddenly decide to post very close to one another, but I’m good with that for now as I will, once again, refer you to his report for more detail! (Trying to get this and a few other

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