Muskegon River Map

The Muskegon River below Croton Dam is a fantastic year-round fishery popular with jet boats, drift boats, and wading anglers. While most wading anglers concentrate their time between Newaygo and Croton Dam, boats will motor all the way downstream. The river has good runs of migratory salmon, steelhead, and brown trout. Much of the river, especially near colder springs and creeks, holds healthy numbers of brown and rainbow trout.

Public AccessPublic LandNamed Fishing AreaBoat LaunchRiver Level
Access points and highlighted lands are closely approximate. Please respect the rights of private landowners and do not trespass on posted lands. When wading you can enter private property if you stay within the clearly defined banks of the stream, and only walk the bank to avoid a hazard.

Hatch Chart for Muskegon River

Common Name Group Emergence Dates | Times
Afternoon Sulfurs #16, 18 Mayfly 5/20-6/30 | afternoon
Cinnamon Caddis #18-20 Caddis 5/20-9/20 | daytime/dusk
Grey Drake #12-14 Mayfly 6/15-7/20 | dark
Little Summer Green Caddis Caddis 6/23-9/23 | afternoon/dark
Tan Dotted Wing Sedge Caddis 6/23-9/7
White Miller #16 Caddis 6/25-9/30 | dusk
Blue & Tan Patterned Wing Sedge Caddis 6/23-8/21
 Blue Winged Olives #14-16 Mayfly  7/14-10/14 dusk
 Little Zebra Moth  7/14-10/14
 Window Wing Sedge  Caddis  7/7-8/21
Light Cahill #12, 14 Mayfly 7/23-9/14 | afternoon/dark
Yellow Sedge Caddis 7/23-8/14
 Grey Wing Cinnamon Sedge Caddis  8/1-8/31
 Great Brown Autumn Sedge #10-12 Caddis 8/15-11/20 | night
 Dot Wing Sedge #18 Caddis  9/23-11/30 | afternoon

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