Fine days

Some winter weeks come and go: a few trout caught, a few trails skied, a few Netflix miniseries watched.  Other weeks are better.  This past one was better.  A big front pushed through, the forecasts oscillating between all rain and ten inches of snow.  We ended up somewhere in the

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Cold feet? Warm eats

We have a restaurant that just sits here all winter…we thought we might as well use it.  Plus, eating Clif bars all day gets old.  We’ll be open most every weekend for Friday and Saturday dinners, and Saturday and Sunday breakfasts.  We will try to keep you updated on what

Happy New Year . . . .

Happy New Year !!! Hope everyone had a great Holiday Season with there families and friends.  I know I enjoyed getting out on the water with good friends and family.  Hard to believe another year has passed and I’m going into my 22 year as a Full Time Fishing Guide

Cheers to 2019!

We are finally winding down from the holidays, and reflecting on the past year. What a blast! Fishing was spectacular, and we hope the same holds true for 2019. We had the privilege of meeting some awesome new people, and fishing with old friends. It was a great year, both

Fishing Report 1/9/19

Well, I doubt anyone is excited about the rain we’re getting today but if there is a chance it will bring some fresh fish into our rivers, I’ll put up with it. 

Despite some cold weather this weekend, a friend of mine and I made it out to the Manistee

Where’s Winter

January 7, 2019

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Where’s winter? That’s the question many of us here in western Michigan are asking. As of this writing on January 7, we have no snow—zip!  Perhaps a few folks want to chase away the sunshine and above normal

Baitfish Pattern

This fall the fish were definitely being picky. The limited number of fish and the amount of fishing pressure meant that the usual attractor flies weren’t always working. A couple things often help in this scenario. One thing that often works is to fish natural patterns with limited flash. Another

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