Those foggy days of winter?

It was an odd, and foggy, and warm winter weekend.  It was busy around the shop, on the river, and on the trails.  While I was in the shop, people were texting me all these incredible pictures of big trout they were catching that morning.  Worse, Lance had two trout,

Women in Fly Fishing

Curious trends are happening across the US and everywhere in the world- recent Covid Pandemic has sent people outdoors. Finding trails, parks, campsites, and nature preserves many didn’t even know existed. Which is a good thing. We have more hikers, bikers, campers, canoers and fishers than ever before. We have

January 16, 2021

See the comments section in the link for more information. (Both John and I are donating to the raffle as well.) A big thanks to Joe Donati for not only being such a great customer over the years, but also for being a fine steward of the resource. Our


Here’s a variation of the great pattern invented by Dan Byford in the mid-70’s. Replacing the mylar body with a conehead and dubbed Hare’e Ice body is a fantastic sculpin/leach pattern that should be tied in several colors.

This first night pattern is simple yet effective and students tied some

January 14, 2021

Shop Hours 9am – 5pm (Closed Wednesdays until March)

We have been enjoying some awesome breaks in the weather and the river has been fishing pretty well for steelhead!  The river is in usual winter mode and water levels are normal.  Although the calendar says January; it hardly feels like

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