One last cast

A few days ago, amidst a days-long cold front, Lance and I got out for a little fishing.  We did a float that we’d planned to do for about two months and after a bunch of busted dates this — this 50-degree lead-colored day — was the day.  We brought

September 10,2020

Shop hours are 7am to 7pm everyday!!!

Things have been very busy around here both on and off the river.  We have been training new employees, checking in inventory and guiding/scouting for kings.  The last couple days have been a relief seeing, hooking and catching some new fish in the

Well, my client just informed me that I hadn’t put up a new report in a while so, thought I’d go ahead and toss one up right here from the river here regardless of the fact that not “much” has changed.

Spent some time having fun with

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Fishing Report 9/10/20



Yes, there are salmon in the rivers of Northern Michigan. Although not in huge numbers, we’re seeing Kings in the Betsie, Cohos in the Plattle, and a mix in The Boardman. Expect these cooler temperatures this week and the predicted rain to keep pushing fresh fish into all

End of a Season?

End of a Season?

Cooler weather (at least nights) look to have us slowly transitioning away from summer fly fishing. The river temperature in the Big Rapids area of the Muskegon has fallen to around 67 degrees. The temp slowly increases as you head west toward Newaygo, but overall the

In praise of small fish

The other day, an accomplished angler was in the shop on what he’d planned to be a two-day night fishing trip with a buddy.  And they night fished, sure.  But what he really loved was the daytime fishing.  I believe he said something like, that %$it is fun!  It really

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