Sweet evenings

Pretty nice evening…a handful of different bugs, from spent caddis, to brown bugs, to henny spinners, and a pretty wicked sunset.  The high water dampened the mood a bit, but found a few pods of nice brook trout in the backwaters.  The best trout I saw rise was feeding off

May 19, 2020 #2

Still climbing on the M-37 gauge, but there is an ever so slight bend in the upward slope and the very beginnings of a curve at this point.

8pm today.

It’s almost a foot higher than the May 1st peak now and will remain very unsafe for some

May 19, 2020

9am this morning.

The river has surpassed the peak of this past May 1st at the M-37 gauge and is showing no signs of “flattening the curve” anytime soon. I’m going to go check on my friend Joe’s place on the Little South at some point this morning

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Fishing Report 5/18/20

If you’re out fishing today, I hope you have some good rain gear! We’re currently getting hammered with rain here in the North and under a flood warning. The Boardman has shot up and is running huge so we’re urging caution when wading. Streamer fishing has been consistent on

Grand River Fishing Report

With the recent re-opening of guide service in Michigan we would like to take a second and share some of the updates we have made in response to Covid-19.

One of the biggest rules that the DNR has stated is we must comply with social distancing and the 6ft rule.

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has arrived officially on the banks of the Pere Marquette River.  Mother nature threw a little winter at us again a week ago.  After seeing a couple Orioles along the river on Wednesday  and finding a few Morel Mushrooms, I would say Spring has sprung.   The river was



Steelhead fishing on the Muskegon is done for the season. Sure there are, and will be, a few stragglers left but for all intensive purposes its over.

Trout fishing (streamers) should be improved with the rain fall we’ve picked up since last night. Yesterday the river was low and

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