September 15, 2021

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We are working on extending our hours at the shop…stay tuned!  The shop is loaded up with inventory and more arriving daily, but the supply chain is still limited on some items.  We had a great supply

Wild Storms and Salmon

The calm before and after the storm produced some good fishing.  If you were not aware, last Tuesday afternoon we saw a horrific storm blow through the Baldwin area.  This storm was unreal – packing  60+ mph winds and baseball size hail.  Trees went down, and many vehicles and homes

September 12, 2021

Hey guys, crazy week… I promised I’d post tonight so I’m gonna, but it’s been a little hectic around here to say the least! Not long after posting my report from the river on the 7th that storm hit Dennis and I on the river. You can view the somewhat

Mid September Fishing Report

Water levels are in good shape as nice, pleasant weather continues through September. Water temps on the upper Manistee are in the high 50s and with some sunlight, it creeps into the lower 60s. Getting a little later start in the morning helps to allow the fish to wake up

Season Changes

Welcome to September and the beginning of the Fall.  The Grand River and its tributaries are in great shape and morning water temps have dropped to the upper 60’s with day time

River Cleanup 2021

It’s that time of year again.  Leaves are changing, nights are cold, and the river wears the trash from a summer of watersports…time to clean it up.  Every year I hear gripes about never finding any trash.  Well, that’s precisely the point.  The first few years of the cleanup, they

September 7, 2021

Got home from AK on Sunday and discovered there was a minor (Read here major. ;^) screw up with my bookings and it turns out I did not have the same guy for five days starting on Monday. (Kind of a relief actually not having to spend all night prepping

Cold Weather Fishing Gear

Cold Weather Fishing Fall and Winter Steelhead Gear

One of the more difficult challenges we face in the Midwest during Steelhead season is staying warm. This leads to many questions when preparing for your fishing trip. What do I wear? What cold weather fishing gear do you bring

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