October 14, 2020

Our shop hours will be changing from 7am to 7pm daily to 8am to 6pm daily on Sunday the 18th.

Also, our annual Fall PM River Cleanup is scheduled for Saturday the 24th, please save the date and join us; more details to follow, but it would be helpful

MeatEater Das Boat season II

Way back in midwinter, good buddy Joe Cermele sent me a message-

“How would you like to do ‘MeatEater’ episode?”

As a northern Michigan guide/angler, how does one respond to this ??
“Heck YES!!! Some logistics and timing need to be worked out, but I would love to.”

Dad’s Dream

October 12, 2020

in Fall Salmon by Dad’s Dream

Having fly fished with me for over 20 years, my dear friend and former colleague, Tom, had long hoped to get his son Trevor, who works in Washington DC for a local congressman, into my boat to

Putting On The Pounds….

The Grand River continues to be in fantastic shape for this time of year. Many of its sections are low and gin clear. The gage in Ada has been hovering at 7 feet and the water temps are in the mid to uppers 50’s. As the temps have dropped, so

Ladies Day

Ladies Day

Suzy and here sister Barb joined me for a fun filled day of good stories, laughter and some nice fly fishing on the Muskegon River. While we did cast to a few salmon today, we spent the majority of the day fishing the dark water near spawning salmon.

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Mid-October Fishing Report

With the colors at peak, anglers are finding that the peak of the salmon run is behind us. A few fresh fish are slipping through the river systems (Betsie, Platte, Bear Creek, Manistee) but the majority of the fish have been there a while and look like it. Crowds are

Peak Color

October 10, 2020

in Fall Salmon by Peak Color

The fall Chinook salmon run continues to build on the Muskegon River. Nephew-in-law Travis hosted his long-time friend Jeff for whom the the river, the salmon, the fly fishing, the fish hooked and lost were all new.

  • Source: Riverquest Charters
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