Cold Weather Gear for Steelhead Fishing


The recent drop in temperatures has us fishing everyday in very cold temperatures. That’s the life of a fly fishing guide. We fish in all kinds of weather. Yesterday when we got in the boat it was 17 degrees, clear, and no wind.

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“Oh, the Weather Outside Is Frightful, but the Steelhead are Delightful!”

November 7, 2019

in Fall Steelhead by “Oh, the Weather Outside Is Frightful, but the Steelhead are Delightful!”

Flat-out gorgeous, but 17 degrees chilly, the Muskegon River valley, draped in new fallen snow, today shared its steelhead bounty with long time customers and friends, Terry and

I guess it’s winter

I guess it’s winter

Crazy fall, warm and wet, now winter? Looks like Ol’ man winter is going to stick around for a while too. Don and his wife Wendy are here for a few days and they were treated to some spectacular scenery with the fresh early snow fall.

Fishing Report 11/7/19

Wow, how quickly the seasons have changed in Northern Michigan! If you feel like I do about it things are not going to get much better in the next week. At least the snow covered all the leaves I still have to rake…



Honestly, fishing has slowed down

November 7, 2019

Hi guys,

Just thought I’d post before the upcoming weekend. These “reports” always feel a little bit redundant to me these days as most, if not all, of the photos shown have already been published on social media, (Views available on our home page for those without accounts.) but

First snow, forever snow?

Winter came early.  Today we got a couple inches of unseasonably dry powder: January-type snow.  It’s a bit early for this stuff.  My “winters coming” chores are mostly undone.  Oh well.  I hadn’t been fishing in a while and, heck, winter is already here.  Chores later.  Fishing now.


Nov 6th, 2019 | Seeking Chrome

After the high water, the rivers are finally starting to stabilize and level out. The rain has changed to snow, and we are looking forward to some seriously chilly weather. Early next week will be very cold, but thankfully, there are no major rainstorms predicted so the water levels won’t

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