Getting out

Yesterday the trout wanted the green caddis and that was okay with me…I’d tied a bunch of them, if only because they’re so easy to tie!  I’ve really been working on getting my fly boxes filled.

On the green…

But my primary goal right now is getting my dry

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A Country Divided

Seems like we couldn’t become more divided. The politics, on the news, social media, billboards and radio. We are bombarded by the constant noise from news outlets. I try to avoid it but somehow, it still infests my feed. All this conflict got me thinking about the state of the

January 9, 2021

Hey guys, figured it was well past time for a quick check in on here, especially for those of you that do not follow our BBT Facebook page or my personal ones there and on Instagram. (Steven R Fraley on Facebook and @stevenrfraley on Instagram.) Much of that does show

Jan 8 2021

Sorry for the lapse in reports, I couldn’t believe it has been so long in between the reports when I logged into update it…

Well its January now, we flew through the fall season and were busy, working hard every day for our clients.

Winter mode is going 100 percent,

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