Covering a lot of water

Steelhead Season on the Pere Marquette is winding down. Warmer temperatures earlier in Spring, allowed Steelhead to go through their spawning cycle and start their trip back out to the Lake a little earlier than normal.  The river is very low for this time of year and clear. A good

Double Red Stripe Brute!

(Greg with a crimson red Bad Ass!)

Here’s Greg with what can only be described as “threading the needle” with a one in a million cast into a log jam only to have the water erupt with this 32″ Twisted Crimson Red Ball of Steel rocketing out of the water! 

Sharing the Love!

(Jim with a Muskegon River Steelhead)

Here’s Jim from Indiana sharing the glory of the best of the day.  An absolute beauty steelhead with Rick on the right and Tony on the left.  

(Tale of the Tape)

In excess of 30″ and 16lbs the steelhead are running big this year

April 3 2021

Almost time to switch gears


I still have about a 5 weeks to go until I’m finished up on the river and switch gears towards the big waters…I’m really looking forward to fishing lake Michigan this year…..And I hope to see many of my great clients and friends back

  • Source: Rivers Bend Guide Service
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April 3 2021

Spring is here and so are a few steelhead….more to come for sure!

We are off to a pretty non typical spring here in west Michigan. It has been fairly seasonable as far as temps go, but it has been extremely dry. The rivers are very low and very clear

  • Source: Rivers Bend Guide Service
  • Read full post: April 3 2021

Early April Fishing Report

With the start of April behind us, anglers are finding water levels on the Manistee and Betsie uncharacteristically low and clear for this time of year. The region hasn’t received any significant rain yet this year and the snow melt has been gone for over a month. Without the rivers

River Report – April 1, 2021

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report

The chives and garlic are sprouting in my garden, turkeys are strutting, and the fish are biting more aggressively all the time.  The Ides of March are past and April is upon us.  Of course, we woke up on April Fool’s day

April 2, 2021

Hi guys, just another quick one from me this morning, but I wanted to give “fair warning” to those of you making the trek up this weekend and, wish you all a Happy Easter. Between fishing pressure, water that is now in the extreme low and clear condition, bright skies

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