Weekly Fishing Report from Mich DNR

Very few updates have come in this week as few anglers were out.  Rain and warm temperatures have many rivers at or above flood stage.  Moving ice may also cause additional flooding.  Anglers should avoid the rivers until water levels recede.  Many inland lakes will no longer be safe.

Southwest Lower Peninsula

St. Joseph River:  Had extremely high water levels and no one was fishing.  It could be a week or so before the water recedes to fishable levels.  Look for steelhead up near the dams once it does.

Kalamazoo River:  Had high water levels.

Grand River at Grand Rapids:  High water levels and a strong current will make fishing very difficult.

Muskegon River:  Had ice jams resulting in rapidly rising water near Rogers Dam and near Croton.

Northeast Lower Peninsula

Rifle River:  Was under a flood warning.  High water levels and a strong current are not ideal fishing conditions.

Northwest Lower Peninsula

Big Manistee River:   Had reports of steelhead being caught.

Pere Marquette River:  Also had reports of steelhead being caught after the rain and warmer temperatures.

Huron Drifter Boats

Huron Drifter

Excited to announce that 2018 I’ll have a new drift boat in the arsenal, working with Jason and Tracy I’ll be rowing a Huron Drifter this year.  I want to share a few pictures during the process as its being built.  But if your looking for a new drift boat make sure to give the guys a call.  During the test row last summer I was very impressed, and look forward to putting more time in the rowers seat in the coming months.  Will have a few custom touches that I’m excited about, especially for the dry fly angler. Follow along as the new 15″ Huron Drifter is being built.

Check out the Huron Drift online

Step 1: Laying out of the 15″ Foot Drifter

Step 2: Front Casting Brace

Step 3 : Working on the Floor

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Michigan DNR Weekly Fishing Report

Heavy snowfall has made things difficult in several parts of the state, but in other areas there has still been plenty of action.

Southeast Lower Peninsula

Overall: The inland lakes still had ice however there is a lot snow on top that will most likely turn slushy and make travel difficult.

Huron River:  The steelhead bite slowed but should pick back up with the warmer weather.

Southwest Lower Peninsula

St. Joseph River:  Froze up during the cold spell but warmer temperatures this week should help to open it up.  Anglers have caught steelhead during the warm ups.

Kalamazoo River:  Froze up but should open back up as well.  Look for steelhead and walleye up near the Allegan Dam.

Grand River at Grand Rapids:  Look for increased steelhead action with the warmer weather.  Steelhead and walleye anglers can usually be found below the 6th Street Dam.  Look for steelhead in the Rogue River as well.

Muskegon River:  Water levels were up some with the snow melt.  Those seeking steelhead have caught some nice fish on flies and streamers.

Northwest Lower Peninsula

Big Manistee River:   Steelhead fishing should pick up with the warmer weather especially up around Tippy Dam.  The river was frozen in the lower end.

Pere Marquette River:  Should also have some good steelhead action.

Figure Eight Super Light Video

With it being streamer tying season we have a new video on our Vimeo page to share.  Russ Maddin shares another streamer that is a must tie.  Using Egg Yarn for the head gives this Maddin creation great action.  Add a few of his techniques to your box and have a great trout season.  Make sure to watch until the end, as Russ breaks down what line and leader setup to use when fishing this great fly.

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