Michigan DNR Fishing Report for September 25, 2019

Southwest Lower Peninsula

St. Joseph River: Should still have salmon and trout especially up near the dams.

Grand River at Grand Rapids: Anglers were getting salmon at the 6th Street Dam. Perch and panfish activity picked up especially in the bayous. Salmon fishing picked up on the Rogue River as well.

Grand River at Lansing: Coho were caught at both the Portland and Webber Dams. Those targeting bass were also getting a few fish. Perch and bluegill were caught near Gale Road.

Muskegon River: More salmon were starting to show up with fresh fish being caught up near Croton Dam. Salmon and catfish were caught at the mouth. Those fishing in Mecosta County caught perch near the Davis Bridge. Walleye, pike and bass were caught in Hardy Pond near Brower Park.

White River: Had salmon including some fish in the North Branch.

Northeast Lower Peninsula

Cheboygan River: Anglers caught a few Chinook salmon at the dam when drifting skein or casting spoons both early morning and at dusk. The recent heavy rain may have pushed more salmon up into the river. A few fish jumping near the dam were quite dark. Smallmouth bass were caught on worms and crank baits near the DNR office.

Thunder Bay River: A couple Chinook and the odd coho were caught in early morning by those floating skein or casting spoons, thunder sticks and rattle traps. Fish were present, but slow to strike. A couple nice smallmouth bass were caught by those casting crank baits.

Northwest Lower Peninsula

Bear River: Fishing slowed with the warm weather but should have picked back up. Salmon were caught up near the dam by those using spawn, artificial eggs and flies.

Boyne River: Had a few salmon including some large fish.

Leelanau County: There were reports of the occasional salmon in Shalda Creek off Good Harbor Bay and in the Crystal River which flows from Glen Lake. The number of fish was minimal and angler activity was low.

Manistee River: While the warm-up may have slowed catch rates, salmon were still moving up into the river and will continue to do so especially with any rain and cooler temperatures. The peak of the run typically occurs in the first week of October.

Pere Marquette River: Salmon were still running and could be found in the South Branch in Oceana County.

Upper Peninsula

Marquette: Fishing is starting to pick up as anglers were getting coho, steelhead, brown trout, lake trout and even a couple Chinook salmon near the river mouths and between the White Rocks and Granite Island. Salmon were found in 30 to 60 feet and lake trout in 100 to 160 feet however few limit catches to report. Surface water temperatures were in the low 60’s. A small number of fish were still being caught in the Chocolay, Carp and Dead rivers. The Chocolay and Carp rivers produced coho.

Manistique River: Good numbers of brown trout were caught up near the dam with beads, yarn or spawn. Chinook, coho and pink salmon were reported in the same area and anglers were also using crank baits or skein. Two gates up near the dam were open so the flow was fast but fishable. Boat anglers were trolling crank baits where the fast water meets the slower water or when anchoring near the holes and casting spawn.

St. Martin Bay: A good salmon run was taking place in both Nunns Creek and the Carp River.

Michigan DNR Fishing Report for September 12, 2019

Southwest Lower Peninsula

St. Joseph: The Chinook and coho runs have begun! A lot of coho and steelhead moved through the Berrien Springs fish ladder this past week with a few Chinook starting to trickle in. Pier anglers caught a few salmon and steelhead, with the most productive technique being the casting of spoons and spinners.

Kalamazoo River: The salmon runs have begun here as well!

Grand River at Grand Rapids: Both coho and Chinook were running.

Muskegon River: There were some Chinook salmon, but fish could be lethargic following the sea lamprey treatment that occurred on September 9.

Northeast Lower Peninsula

Cheboygan River: Anglers tried for salmon while drifting skein and casting crank baits and spoons. Very few Chinook were caught. A few undersized smallmouth bass were caught on worms and crank baits.

Au Sable River: Below Foote Dam, a few smallmouth and rock bass and freshwater drum were caught while still fishing or floating crawlers. The occasional walleye and smallmouth bass were caught while trolling cranks at the river mouth. Waters below Mio Dam cooled to the low 60s and high 50s. Flies imitating the white fly hatch, streamers and mousing at night can be effective this time of year.

Northwest Lower Peninsula

Overall: It’s all about the salmon in this neck of the woods! Rivers like the Pere Marquette, Manistee and Betsie are seeing good runs of Chinook salmon. Pierheads were producing in Ludington, Manistee and Frankfort while Pere Marquette Lake, Manistee Lake and Betsie Bay provided good options for small boat trollers, jiggers and those casting lures or fishing with spawn.

Bear River: The flow was at a good level this past week. A lot of salmon (both Chinook and coho) ran mid-week, but not many fish were caught at the dam. Most anglers were using spawn, artificial eggs and flies

Platte River: Coho have arrived!

Manistee River: Chinook and coho were both there!

Pere Marquette River: A good run of Chinooks had begun.

Upper Peninsula

Manistique River: Salmon were in the river, but numbers were low. Fair catches of brown trout were reported when trolling or casting by the spill-over wall.

Two Hearted River: Coho salmon runs during the past week were light. Water temperatures were in the mid-50s in the river and upper 50s on Lake Superior. Anglers saw a few fish trickling in the river, but with cold northerly winds and cold nights, fish should begin their push.

Michigan DNR Fishing Report for Sept. 5, 2019

Southwest Lower Peninsula

Grand River at Grand Rapids: Some coho were starting to show up and were moving through the fish ladder. Fair to good smallmouth fishing continues.

Grand River at Lansing: The Grand Ledge, Portland and Webber dams have been opened for the fall.

Muskegon River: Was starting to see some salmon. Attention Anglers: the Muskegon River will be treated for sea lamprey on September 9. Anglers should avoid the river until September 11.

Northeast Lower Peninsula

Cheboygan River: Had one chute open at the dam. Anglers started salmon fishing with spoons and crank baits but no harvest to report. Those drifting worms and leeches caught walleye ranging 12-19 inches, smallmouth bass, rock bass and a few perch, though most of the smallmouth bass were undersize.

Thunder Bay River: Had a few reports of Chinook salmon caught near the 9th Street Dam and Lamarre Park when casting spoons. Those still fishing or drifting crawlers caught smallmouth bass, rock bass and freshwater drum.

Northwest Lower Peninsula

Bear River: Water levels were up a bit and there was a push of salmon up to the dam. Both Chinook and coho were caught with spawn, artificial eggs and flies.

Betsie River: Chinook salmon are starting to run as anglers are reporting good numbers of large fish throughout the river.

Manistee River: Salmon fishing has begun as fish were caught in the lower river. Water temperatures were favorable with the cooler weather.

Pere Marquette River: Was starting to see more some salmon moving up into the river as water temperatures were favorable with the cooler weather. The better fishing was in the lower reaches.

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