Michigan DNR Fishing Report for April 24, 2019

Southwest Lower Peninsula

Grand River at Grand Rapids: Is still producing some steelhead though the run is slowing.

Rogue River: Steelhead were spawning.

Muskegon River: Has high water levels but was still fishable. A good number of steelhead are in the river including fresh fish. Anglers have found fish up near Croton Dam. Those fly fishing are using nymph patterns.

Northeast Lower Peninsula

Sturgeon River: Water levels are extremely high, and the current is fast. A couple steelhead were caught when drifting worms or spawn in the holes near Wolverine but those bottom bouncing worms near Wolverine Park caught no fish.

Cheboygan River: Water levels were very high and fast which makes steelhead fishing very difficult. A few fish were caught on spawn, spoons or wax worms. Spawn bags worked best. A few walleye and one pike were caught and released by those targeting steelhead.

Ocqueoc River: Should have plenty of steelhead.

Thunder Bay River: Those drifting and floating beads and spawn have taken steelhead, suckers, and the occasional brown trout. The flow was high with one or two of the gates open which is bringing more fish into the river daily.

Au Sable River: Water levels were high, and the lower portions were somewhat dirty. Steelhead and the occasional Atlantic salmon have been caught by those drifting and floating beads, spawn, flies or stripping and swinging streamers. The bite was hit-or-miss but a good number of fish were present. A couple chrome Atlantic’s were caught at the mouth and in town with minnows, spawn or body baits. A nice brown trout was caught near Foote Dam. Suckers were increasing in number.

Au Gres River: Steelhead anglers are finding fish well upstream in the East Branch. At the Singing Bridge, those surf casting for walleye at night have done well.

Rifle River: Those fishing upstream have caught steelhead.

Northwest Lower Peninsula

Petoskey: On the Bear River, water levels were high at the dam, but a couple steelhead were caught on spawn, beads or flies.

Traverse City: In the Elk River, steelhead fishing remains slow. On the Boardman River, only a couple steelhead were taken when drifting spawn and beads.

Manistee River: Steelhead fishing was a little more difficult due to high water levels, but a few fish were caught. Anglers are hoping the levels will be down somewhat by the trout opener this weekend.

Upper Peninsula

Chocolay River: Had slow fishing as water temperatures were below 40 degrees. A few brown trout have been caught but there were no reports on any steelhead taken.

Manistique River: Steelhead anglers reported good catches up near the dam when casting spawn. Several nice brown trout were also reported. There were two gates open at the dam which raised the water levels by three feet, so the water was very high and fast.

Two Hearted River: Is difficult to fish due to high water levels. Fish are likely in the river, but conditions will limit success greatly.

Michigan DNR Fishing Report for April 10, 2019

Southwest Lower Peninsula

St. Joseph River: Steelhead fishing was pretty good up near the Berrien Springs Dam. Anglers were leaving the piers to go fish near the dam. Spawn worked best.

Kalamazoo River: Had a good number of anglers targeting steelhead below the Allegan Dam.

Rabbit River: Had steelhead anglers in Hamilton.

Grand River at Grand Rapids: Steelhead fishing continues up near the 6th Street Dam. The cold front will slow the bite but will also prolong the run and keep fish in the river a little longer. Anglers are using a little bit of everything including spawn, flies, crawlers, spinners or a jig and wax worm. A good number of suckers were caught.

Grand River near Lansing: A fair number of smallmouth bass were hitting on minnows near the North Lansing Dam. Crappie were caught in Eaton Rapids. No word on steelhead here however fish have been caught near Ionia in Prairie Creek. Sucker fishing has been good.

Muskegon River: Some nice steelhead were caught in the deeper holes. Good perch fishing was noted in Hardy Dam Pond though water levels were down which made it difficult to launch a boat.

Northeast Lower Peninsula

Cheboygan River: Those drifting spawn bags near the dam and walk bridge caught a couple steelhead up to 24 inches.

Sturgeon River: A couple anglers fishing spawn bags and worms at the park in town caught steelhead and brown trout. Anglers were also found off the Rondo Road Bridge and White Road.

Indian River: Those drifting spawn bags caught some steelhead behind McDonalds.

Au Sable River: The steelhead action picked up with fresh fish caught throughout the river. Anglers did well when drifting or floating spawn, wax worms, beads and flies such as small streamers and nymphs. Atlantic salmon were caught in the lower half by those drifting spawn and beads.

Tawas River: Shore anglers fishing at the mouth caught a couple of steelhead and brown trout. Night anglers caught a few walleye.

Au Gres River: Surf anglers down at Whitney Drain caught a couple steelhead and one odd brown trout when floating spawn bags off the mouth. Steelhead were caught further up in the river as well.

Northwest Lower Peninsula

Bear River: Those targeting steelhead reported very slow catch rates with only a few small fish taken. There was low angler activity at the dam.

Manistee River: The steelhead bite slowed with the colder weather. Try slow drifting over the deeper holes in the lower river.

Upper Peninsula

Chocolay River: Fishing was slow with only a couple steelhead or brown trout caught near the M-28 Bridge and down near the mouth. Most were floating spawn bags. Quite a few anglers were out however only a few caught fish.

Manistique River: Steelhead fishing is just getting started. Anglers reported steelhead and brown trout from the dam south to Dewey’s Bass Hole and over to the high dam spill over. Most were casting spawn bags or Berkley honey worms. The boat launch is open however you do have to watch for floating ice.

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