Michigan DNR Fishing Report for September 27, 2018

Southwest Lower Peninsula

St. Joseph River: Appears to have a decent number of Chinook and coho.

Grand River at Grand Rapids: Anglers were still catching a few coho and the occasional Chinook in both the Grand and the Rogue River.

Grand River at Lansing: Had fishing activity at the Webber and Portland Dams. Anglers were targeting coho when drifting spawn and crawlers or casting small spoons.

Muskegon River: Anglers are picking up a few salmon throughout including up near Croton Dam.

White River: Anglers casting body baits or drifting skein in the lower end for salmon reported spotty catch rates. Chinook salmon were caught up near Hesperia.

Northeast Lower Peninsula

Cheboygan River: Anglers have caught Chinook salmon between eight to 17 pounds at the dam with spoons, crank baits and skein. There had been reports of pink salmon, but those reports were not confirmed. Smallmouth bass were caught on worms or crank baits in eight to 15 feet.

Thunder Bay River: A few Chinook were spotted up near the 9th Street Dam but no big numbers yet. Anglers were casting spoons and body baits or drifting spawn under a bobber, but no fish were caught because the water was too warm.

Au Sable River: The lower river cooled to the mid to high 60’s but fishing was still pretty slow with very little success. Anglers were targeting Chinook by casting spoons or floating spawn bags and skein. An unconfirmed Atlantic salmon was reportedly caught, and a couple smaller steelhead were spotted moving up the river. Smallmouth bass and a few large bluegills were caught when drifting or still-fishing with crawlers.

Northwest Lower Peninsula

Bear River: While there has not been much rain to bring water levels up, strong winds seemed to help push fish into the river. Anglers caught mainly Chinook and coho along with a couple small steelhead at both the mouth and the dam when using spawn, artificial eggs and flies. Salmon were caught off the piers and the docks around the marina as well when casting spoons or stick baits after sunset and before sunrise.

Boyne River: Had a run of fresh chinook salmon after recent storms got them moving again. Some steelhead were caught near the mouth.

Jordan River: Has trout and salmon.

Platte River: With the north winds last week, the coho salmon have really moved up into the lower river. DNR staff have passed fish and will continue to do so to get more fish up to the weir. This should allow anglers to do well. Staff estimated that there were currently 20,000 fish or more at the lower weir.

Betsie River: Anglers are still getting Chinook salmon however the numbers have slowed and the ones being caught are quite dark.

Manistee River: Brown trout, walleye and pike have started to bite again.

Pere Marquette River: Continues to have a fair to good number of Chinook salmon including some large fish. The occasional steelhead has also been caught.

Pentwater River: Those drifting egg flies or casting body baits caught the occasional Chinook salmon in the early morning.

Upper Peninsula

Manistique River: Is producing salmon, trout and a few walleye. The Chinook are turning dark.

Two Hearted River: Water temperatures were in the low 50’s. Anglers trolling just in front of the mouth or fishing from shore caught a couple coho. Salmon are slowly beginning to show up, but we need cooler temperatures and rain.

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