Late June Fly Fishing Report

As June winds down, the Hex Hatch winds up. It has been sporadic with the fluctuations in the weather for both the emergences and spinner falls so there is no telling when you will have good bugs on the local rivers including the upper Manistee. Water levels are low and

Warm weather = Bass

Warm weather = Bass – RiverQuest Charters


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June 27, 2022

Short days and long nights best describes my current state of mind.  I am running to get ready for my trip today, so this is going to be brief and more of a pictorial report….The shop is open everyday from 8am – 6pm.  Please stop by to grab some flies

Hexaritaville-It’s On!

 It’s a happening…like swarms of a plague to a dry fly dopers delight, the largest mayflies on earth are emerging at dusk. The chance for the biggest brown trout of a lifetime awaits when the tug on the glow line in your hands after midnight is the drug. The iconic

Fishing Report 6/23/22

Now is the time all the dry fly anglers converge on streams in the evenings, sleep deprived and scratching at mosquito bites from the night before hoping to get that big fish they heard feed, but was tucked behind a log for an impossible cast.  The stuff dreams are

Heating up on the PM

Another great week in northern Michigan, chasing Trout and even some warm water species.  The Pere Marquette River is in good shape with plenty of bugs around.  In the evenings you can find an assortment of Stoneflies, ISO’s , Gray Drakes and after dark the Hex’s are starting to

June 22, 2022

Hey guys, yep, I’m still kicking! Haven’t been posting much because, quite frankly, I’ve had all my days blocked off for other things and I haven’t been fishing “much”. (Also, been taking “somewhat” of media break in this world gone mad that’s about to get quite serious for a

June 17, 2022

This is going to be short and sweet.  The magical month of June is happening!!!  The river is low and clear, but running warm in the lower sections.  Gray Drakes, Damsels, Yellow Sallies, Big Stones, Iso’s and hexes are going to start hatching heavy any day!  Excellent time to be

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