Michigan DNR Fishing Report for September 5, 2018

Southwest Lower Peninsula

St. Joseph River: Had very little salmon movement. The lower river had some decent walleye fishing for those trolling small crank baits.

Black River: Has had very little salmon movement as it has been too warm.

Grand River at Grand Rapids: A few salmon were caught up near the Sixth Street Dam however the fish were few and far between because of the warm water. Anglers are using a mix of spawn, spinners, Cleo’s, thundersticks or flies.

Northeast Lower Peninsula

Cheboygan River: The gates at the dam have been open for the past week and Chinook salmon have started to move into the river. A few were caught on spoons, crank baits and spawn bags.

Thunder Bay River: Had rumors of a couple Chinook and Atlantics caught up near the dam at night but no fish were verified.

Au Sable River: The upper river from Grayling to Alcona Pond had cooled so trout should be feeding more aggressively. Try streamers and terrestrial flies this time of year.

Northwest Lower Peninsula

Overall: Those targeting salmon are reminded that snagging is illegal. Treble hooks are also illegal unless attached to a true lure. For additional information look on page nine in the 2019 Michigan Fishing Guide under “Artificial Lure”.

Bear River: Near Petoskey had quite a few anglers targeting salmon at the dam. Chinook were taken on spawn or flies. Undersize trout were also caught.

Traverse City: Fishing in the East Bay was hit-or-miss. Salmon and lake trout were caught south of Deepwater Point towards Acme Creek or north and south of the M-37 launch in 80 to 130 feet. A couple cisco were caught. Lakers were caught by those jigging around Deepwater Point in the early morning. Bass were taken in 10 to 20 feet. From Elk Rapids, salmon were marked but lake herring were caught straight out from the marina. The Elk River was slow. A few salmon are in the river but very few had been caught. In the West Bay, mornings were best for salmon. Those trolling caught fish at the south end from the hole out from the Boardman and north of the hole and slightly west towards Elmwood. Perch fishing was slow around the island and Lee Point, but a few were caught in Northport. On the Boardman River, salmon have been caught on spawn, skein and body baits at the dam.

Frankfort: Those trolling and jigging in the bay and around the pierheads have landed several Chinook and coho. Those in Platte Bay reported hit-or-miss coho action. Those jigging seem to have better luck. Smaller boats are launching from Platte Bay however they are walking their boats through the shallows. The coho run on the Platte River had been slow.

Betsie River: Chinook salmon have moved into the river and anglers were reporting very good numbers at the Homestead Dam.

Manistee River: Had lots of anglers fishing for salmon.

Pere Marquette River: Had a good number of anglers targeting salmon.

Upper Peninsula

Two Hearted River: Has a few salmon. Those fishing near the river mouth campground had some luck.

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