12/5/17 Riv Report

Our fall season is wrapping up quickly as a major cold air mass bears down on the Midwest. We were blessed with lots of steelhead this season, many of which were quite large. By no means are we done, but things appear to officially be shifting into winter mode. Although swinging is still an option all winter, nymphing really pays the bills when the water chills. (ECHO SHADOW NYMPH ROD)

Steelhead have been abundant, and the trout are mixed in with them. 

By far, dead drifting nymphs has been our most productive method lately. Egg patterns have been great too, especially pink and cream colored stuff. 

This time of year, it can be beneficial to slow down, and work each pool very very thoroughly. With the water being in the mid thirties, steelhead can be more interested in conserving energy, rather than eating. Thus, working the pool 2, 3, or even 4 times through with different flies can eventually work. It’s always amazing how selective they can be. 

Shane spent his birthday on the water and got a nice hen to top it off. Good stuff!




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