Trying hard

You have to try hard this time of year — harder now than a few weeks ago.  I got out a few times this week and had a blast.  Yesterday I got to sit in the front of the riverboat for a few hours — best seat in the world,

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Mid July Fishing Report

Trout fishing on the local rivers continues but with a more casual approach as we aren’t matching hatches in low light to finicky fish. Instead head to the river with a mix of general dry flies that imitate mayflies since they have been eating them regularly for the past 10

July 12,2024

Over the holiday break the water level was still up and the water temperature was down so I took advantage and chased some trout on our local waterways.  The trout seemed healthy and happy to play.  Smaller streamers, nymphs, and foam bugs all worked well. 

The first heatwave is

Fishing Report 7/11/24

July 11, 2024 Northern Angler Fishing Report

July is here and we are through with the Hex hatch, still seeing trout looking up only this time of year. Time for attractor patterns, ants, beetles, hoppers and really anything foam!  Super fun time of year to get out

A quiet wade

There is a little patch of the South Branch that I consider something like my home water.  It’s not my favorite stretch, but I love it.  As teenagers we used to do a lot of wades — long point-to-point wades, alternating who was in the lead.  Inevitably such wades, often

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The buffet

After the often one-dimensionality of the spring, July can feel a bit like a buffet.  There is some kind of fly fishing to be had somewhere all the time, often two or three kinds, each their own mini-event.  This week it was tricos on the North Branch, olives on the

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Early July Fly Fishing Report

The Hex flies have mostly finished a really heavy hatch period this year on the local rivers including the Manistee. This steady stream of bugs has left the trout fat and happy and like many of us after Thanksgiving dinner – second guessing that last serving. The rivers are in

July 2, 2024

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Happy 4th of July everyone!!!!  I hope you have a safe and relaxing holiday with family and friends.  I know I am looking forward to it!  The 4th of July also is BBT’s birthday…28 years and counting!!!  Thank you for the support and

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June 27, 2024

Hey guys, just a quick update before the weekend… It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster ride around here this past week or so between water temps that were too high to safely catch and release trout without undue stress thru most of the river and then, some high water…