May 23, 2024

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The river is in great shape!  Holding a slight stain, but clearing quickly in the upper sections.  Bugs are hatching most evenings when conditions are right…Gray Drakes and Sulphurs mostly, but yellow sallies and stones are around.  I also spotted a damsel yesterday

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The Sparrow

It’s getting awfully near brown drake time on the Au Sable.  A week of miserably hot weather, skyrocketing water temps, and warm nights has started the first of our big bugs hatching on the nearby lakes and on some of the marginal stretches of the Au Sable.  It won’t be

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Shifting gears in the U.P.

Keeping an eye out for hatches is key, and we have got a good handle on what to expect with hendricksons, stones, caddis, and the upcoming sulphurs and brown drakes. And it’s always fun to experiment with different streamer patterns like D&Ds, zoo cougars, and the top-secret drunken foresters!

Mid-May Fishing Report

At the mid-point of May it sure feels like we are at the end of May based on the weather and fishing conditions. The hatches are progressing with the sulphurs winding down on the trout rivers. It seems the great mahoganies are increasing in density each year and this year

Fishing Report 5/17/24

The middle of May has produced productive fishing on all fronts.  From smaller lakes bluegill and bass to trout on the local cold water streams.  It is the time of year to get out and enjoy the flowering trees, the happy birds and rising

Brown Bugs

Brown bugs:  The mixed bag of spinners on mid-May evenings.   It used to be that we tried to identify all of them, but our old friend Dennis B just called them “brown bugs” and that suited us better.  What are we talking about?  Siphloplectons, Borchers Drakes, March Browns, Hendricksons, Mahoganies.  Sizes

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May 10, 2024

Hey guys, John just posted a new report on Wednesday if you missed it, but it’s been a minute for me as well so I’ll share a little too! First and foremost, a huge thanks to everyone that took a little time out of their daily lives to help us

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Fishing Report 5/10/24

May 10, 2024 Northern Angler Fishing Report

Spring continues to roll right along with some amazing weather for fishing.  The area’s rivers are in great shape and we have a nice balance of spring rains with steady weather patterns, so the fish are happy.  May is off

Catching Colds

It’s been a week of bugs.  Hendricksons are something of a solo performance.  They can be awesome…or they can cancel the show all together.  But now that we’re well into May, we enter something more harmonious.  There is no star of the next show.  On a short early-evening float, we