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Steelhead have officially started to show up in good numbers. Unlike last week, most rivers in the state have fishable numbers now. The rains brought in a fresh batch of fish, and with the dropping water, things are setting up nicely.

Yes, there are still kings around, but they

Michigan DNR Fishing Report for October 17, 2018

Southwest Lower Peninsula

St. Joseph River: Has steelhead as fish have been spotted going through the fish ladder at the Berrien Spring Dam. Try spinners, spoons, flies, crawlers or eggs in the swift moving water.

Black River: Anglers were out trying but the steelhead fishing was slow.

Kalamazoo River: Salmon are still being caught but most are turning quite dark. Steelhead were caught on spawn, small spoons, spinners and crawlers.

Grand River at Grand Rapids: Is still producing some coho up near the dam. Steelhead are moving in and a few more fish have been caught on real or artificial spawn, beads, egg pattern flies or spinners.

Grand River at Lansing: A few coho have been caught near the North Lansing Dam and the Moore’s Park Dam.

Muskegon: When the weather allows, a couple small coho were caught by pier anglers. The steelhead action was slow.

White River: Salmon fishing was good for those drifting skein or fly casting with egg pattern flies.

Northeast Lower Peninsula

Cheboygan River: Anglers caught lots of Chinook salmon with real and artificial spawn, skein, spoons and crank baits however skein and crank baits worked best. A couple steelhead and walleye were also caught.

Ocqueoc River: Had some fishing pressure but no fish were harvested. Most were using real and artificial spawn or crank baits. Rumor has it a good number of Chinook were caught at the Ocqueoc Falls.

Thunder Bay River: Anglers had been fishing mostly around the 9th Street Dam on both sides of the bridge. The Chinook are beginning to deteriorate so most of them are being thrown back. A few brown trout and Atlantic salmon have been caught. Anglers are casting body baits and spoons, drifting flies or floating spawn and beads under a bobber.

Black River: Salmon anglers were casting spinners and spoons or still-fishing and floating spawn and skein at the mouth but fishing was very slow.

Au Sable River: A few Atlantic salmon were caught between the Whirlpool and Foote Dam by those drifting skein and streamer flies, or beads under a float. A couple Chinook were caught by those casting rapalas and swinging streamers. Most of the Chinook have been released as their condition is deteriorating. Small steelhead were taken by anglers floating or drifting spawn bags and beads on the gravel. Smallmouth bass were hitting on streamers and pike were hitting on large spinners.

Northwest Lower Peninsula

Bear River: The water level has dropped some over the last week but was still flowing high and fast. Angler pressure was lower at the dam, but fish were still being caught. Most were getting mainly lake trout, Chinook, coho and a couple steelhead when drifting real and artificial spawn or using flies. Anglers reported a couple brown trout being caught but those fish must be released as the season is closed. Those fishing the mouth and between the bridges below the dam had good catches including a couple pink salmon. The Chinook and coho were turning dark.

Platte River: Still had some coho and Chinook. The Chinook are fun to catch but most are being released as they were in bad shape.

Betsie River: Chinook salmon were reported at the Homestead Dam but they are spawned out and deteriorating.

Manistee River: The Chinook salmon are on the downswing. There are still plenty around, but they are dark and actively spawning. Anglers caught small steelhead and a couple Atlantics while drifting or floating beads, spawn, and skein right behind the spawning Chinook. The steelhead seem to be actively feeding on anything egg-like. The Atlantics appear to be waiting for their turn on the gravel, occasionally grabbing whatever the current brings by including eggs, streamers and spinners.

Big Sable River: A good number of coho remain between the foot bridge and the dam. More anglers are starting to catch them using thunder sticks, Cleo’s and spinners.

Pere Marquette River: The Chinook salmon run is just about done. The remaining fish are now spawning and will deteriorate rapidly. Anglers will find some coho along with a fair to good number of steelhead.

Upper Peninsula

Two Hearted River: Following heavy rain all last week, the river is well above average for this time of year. These high flows are creating difficult fishing conditions for catching salmon. Fish are in the river and catch rates should pick up as the water comes down.

Rain, sleet and snow

A steelhead wind blew across the Northern Lower today painting the sky, a bunch of Facebook pages, and a few anglers’ faces, with snow.  It was rather pretty if you were inside a fly shop drinking coffee, which I was.  We told some old stories, contemplated what streamers one might

The Best of Friends

Such a terrific time with former educational colleague Bob and his dear friend and bamboo rod maker Ron, both of whom have fished with me for years.  The guys wanted to fish for salmon, and although the run is winding down, the day proved action packed with both bringing  fish

Working through the wind

Wind and fly fishing are never things that typically go well together. The past two days have been exceptionally windy and it sounds like we can expect a third tomorrow—certainly not a weather pattern that we typically see here in Michigan. Nonetheless, it is what it is, we had to

Muskegon River Fishing Report – October 16, 2018 – Newaygo, Michigan

Muskegon River Fishing Report – October 16, 2018 – Newaygo, Michigan

Steve came to Michigan to escape the warm weather in Florida and catch some Muskegon river Steelhead…which he did !

The Muskegon river is literally a “buffet” of fall fishing options as we’re into our annual Chinook salmon spawning

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