September 28, 2023

We celebrated my business partner’s birthday last night so I slept in a bit today! Long story short, no time for a big report… (I’m doing this on my phone right now.)

Good news is that the fish are coming home now big time and regardless of the low

September 25, 2023

Shop Hours are 7am to 7pm Daily

Not much new to report…The river is LOW & CLEAR with no significant amount of rain in the extended forecast.  The river is slowly filling in, but still WAY behind normal for this time of year.  There has been pushes of fish daily,

September 22, 2023

Hey guys, short on time as usual but I wanted to get you another update before the weekend. Water conditions have not improved and as a result the fish continue to push into the system in small batches…

I haven’t personably been upriver at all yet this season, but

September 17, 2023

Shop Hours are 7am to 7pm Daily!!!

It is really starting to feel like fall.  Cool, crisp mornings and low-70’s by late afternoon and a few leaves are starting to turn.  The river is LOW & CLEAR with no significant rain in the extended forecast either.  The bulk of our

September 14, 2023

Hey guys, not much time this morning, but I wanted to give you at least a little update. You could pretty much read mine and John’s last report and add a few more pushes of fish to it so a few of those few places where fish are staging have

September 6, 2023

The river is still very low and clear for the time being.  We got a nice shot of rain in the upper portion of the watershed, but not as much as we hoped.  The water temps got warm over the last couple days and made the hardware biters a little

September 4, 2023

Somebody, please send us some rain! Seriously, 31+ years of running this river on the regular now and it’s as low as I’ve ever seen it, but the Salmon are determined and are finding their way home now in short burst and waves regardless… (Rain looks very promising for Wednesday

August 23, 2023

Shop Hours 8am – 6pm Daily

Sorry for the major lapse in reports!  The summer kind of got away from me…between fishing, enjoying the summer and hanging out with friends & family time flew by way too fast.  But, no worries…we will be posting on a normal/regular basis again until

August 7, 2023

Hey guys, figured it was time for me to post something to let those of you that do not follow us (or me) on social media know that we are still around and open for business! 8am to 6pm daily, guides and motel rooms are open. (231) 745-3529 (We are

July 5, 2023 Water temp warning…

Hey guys, just a quick heads up on our current Pere Marquette River water temperatures if you plan to catch and release! Both John K and I cancelled/rescheduled our trips for this afternoon earlier today as the water temperatures are exceeding 68 degrees for the better part of the day

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