June 17, 2024

Hey guys, long time no type! Sorry about that, it seems that life has been a bit of a whirlwind this summer thus far and much of it has not revolved around fishing. Sad part is, I actually haven’t been fishing on the PM myself since before leaving on

June 5, 2024

Shop Hours are 8am – 6pm Daily

We are still looking for shop employees!!!  If you, or someone you know, is interested in joining the team…give us a call 231-745-3529!!!

Trout fishing on the Pere Marquette River has been pretty good on most outings.  The weather and water level has

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May 23, 2024

Shop Hours are 8am – 6pm Daily

The river is in great shape!  Holding a slight stain, but clearing quickly in the upper sections.  Bugs are hatching most evenings when conditions are right…Gray Drakes and Sulphurs mostly, but yellow sallies and stones are around.  I also spotted a damsel yesterday

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May 10, 2024

Hey guys, John just posted a new report on Wednesday if you missed it, but it’s been a minute for me as well so I’ll share a little too! First and foremost, a huge thanks to everyone that took a little time out of their daily lives to help us

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May 8, 2024

Shop Hours 8am – 6pm Daily

We are still looking for some additional shop employees, so if you or someone you know might be interested give us a call…231-745-3529.

Trout season is upon us!!!  It has been a fun couple weeks chasing trout and dusting off all the trout equipment.

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April 30, 2024

Please join us this Saturday, May 4th, 2024 at 9am for BBT’s 27th annual Pere Marquette River spring cleanup!! 

Please call the shop to let them know you’re coming and with how many others if you can so that we can be better prepared (231 745-3529) but last-minute additions are

April 24, 2024

Hey guys, just thought I’d toss up a quick report before the big opener weekend. Right now, it looks as though it may be a bit of a wet one, but warm for most of it and that’s not a bad thing at all for some trout fishing! (Be sure

April 15, 2024

Shop Hours – 8am to 6pm Monday thru Thursday & 7am to 6pm Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Unfortunately, not much has changed since my last report.  This has been a tough spring run with much fewer fish then I can ever remember.  There are still a some around, but being

April 8, 2024

Hey guys, sorry, this one will be short again… I’ve just had a few inquiries about reports and thought I’d better post something. John did a fine job in his April 1 report if you haven’t seen it and the truth is I haven’t updated, because nothing much has changed…

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