Mixing It Up

Both the trout and smallmouth bite have been consistent on the MO. With the cooler days setting in, we are seeing streamer action kicking up for both species. There are still some smallmouth on beds and the trout we’re picking up on in there spring time haunts.

We recently

Time The Rise!

(Bert with a river brown that smashed a dry fly)

Here’s he is.  The man, the myth, the legend!  Bert from Rodney, MI holding a beautiful Muskegon river brown trout that absolutely smashed his dry fly!

What makes dry fly fishing for trout on the Muskegon so much fun

Turtle luck

My mother-in-law says that every day you see a turtle is a good day, and I’ve taken that to heart and it has proven, as self-fulfilling prophecies often do, to be true.  Conversely, every day that you accidentally run over a turtle will prove to be a bad day.  The

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Dry Flying For Trout!

(Mike with a nice brown trout taken with a dry fly)

Here’s my new friend Mike from Rockford, MI wet wadding in style with a nice Muskegon river brown trout that smashed his dry fly!

(Mike with a stout rainbow trout that smashed a dry fly)

Mike with a

June 5, 2023

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It’s been a lot of fun lately dry fly fishing the Pere Marquette River!!!  The river is low/clear and we really, really need some RAIN!  The action has been streaky (great to decent) depending upon conditions and volume of hatches.  Too many bugs

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Got Trout?

(Muskegon River Brown Trout)

Dry fly fishing for trout has been on fire past few weeks with caddis, cayhills, blue wing olives, and drake hatches taking center stage.  The low clear water is causing the trout to look up more than ever as the red tail sucker spawn has

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June 2nd 2023

Well the heat wave is still here, water levels are way down and water temps are on the rise. We are in need of some rain ASAP!!! Where does that put us with bug hatches right now? With the high temps things are happening late, and hatches are going

6/2/23 Fishing Report

June is off to a fantastic start as far as weather and bugs, but the big thing we, as responsible trout anglers, need to keep an eye on is water temperatures on our trout streams.  Northern Michigan could really benefit from some rain, an all day soaker would be

This heat

If all the world is a stage, than the spotlight has been shining, uninhibited, for about ten scorching days.  At first this was welcome, and the bugs and fish loved it, and the fishing was, at times, exceptionally good.  Now, though, we’re just in a bit of a slump.  The

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