The Grand’s In Great Shape

We’ve hit the summer fishing patterns. After a wet spring that postponed some of our fishing trips, as a result of high river flows, the Grand has dropped to around 8 feet in Ada. Clarity is great right now at around 3 feet. Remember, the Grand River is the second

Mid July Fishing Report

The recent deep heat the region experienced for the last 10 days has finally let up, at least for now. I am happy to report that some cooler evenings and cloud cover has helped the local rivers drop into the low to mid-60’s making trout fishing an option again. I

In search of cold

It has been unavoidably hot.

We’ve been spared the worst by the “cold” nights and the cool mornings, and the morning fishing has been quite good, with heavy hatches of tricos and BWOs, and rising fish until about 9 or 10 am.  At dark, the bugs return to the water

We’re having a heat wave

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoyed there Holiday weekend. The Pere Marquette River is warming up  quickly. Please check water temperature’s before attempting to fish. The lower you go in the system the warmer it can be.  The upper stretches are now reaching the mid sixties even in the

Hex Camp

And just like that hex camp was over.  Many people look forward to November 15th each year for a pilgrimage up-north for deer camp. We, on the other hand, have looked forward to the end of June and have begun to create memories that will be passed down to grandkids

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July 2, 2020

Shop hours are 9am – 6pm

Joe with a slab of butter

I would like to thank everyone that has been keeping me busy guiding.  Unfortunately, this heat wave has caused me to cancel some trips because of the high water temps and stress put on the trout

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