All the rest

So by way of a hex recap:  A lot of big fish were caught, I heard of no fistfights or anything like that, no one backed their truck into the river, piles of fly fishing items were lost and found and many have been returned.  The bugs started once around

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Late June Fly Fishing Report

The warm weather of last week made for some hot and heavy hex fly action on local rivers that has tapered off due to cooler (not cool) temps and significant rainfall. While water temperatures in rivers like the Manistee and Au Sable were reaching the high 60s and in some

June 24th 2024

Thursday night we launched the boat around 9 PM and were able to lock down a good-looking spot and wait for bugs. The water temp was perfect at 65 degrees. Sure enough, around 10 PM, we started seeing spinners flying up river. Not long after, they were all over the

June 20, 2024

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It’s been a tough couple days with extreme heat.  This has caused us to take a break from fishing downstream in the hex waters (and even upstream yesterday).  We draw the line at 68 degrees…and unfortunately, we are seeing warmer then normal temps throughout

Scorcher (and the reprieve)

It has been terrifically hot not only in northern Michigan, but across great swaths of the Midwest.  It culminated today in cancelled guide trips and, I think, a fair amount of disappointment among anglers who traveled to fish the cold waters of the Au Sable only to find said waters

Mid-June Fishing Report

The recent and ongoing hot weather has only accelerated our fishing and seasons. With the lack of rain and high temperatures, our trout fishing is experiencing warp speed hatch cycles. It seems that most hatches condensed and have taken place with the exception of the annual Hex hatch which started

The Heat Is On

The heat is on and summer temps are in full swing.  The Grand continues to be in great shape for smallmouth fishing and should continue to be so for the near future.  Here’s the latest from the frontlines.

June 17, 2024

Hey guys, long time no type! Sorry about that, it seems that life has been a bit of a whirlwind this summer thus far and much of it has not revolved around fishing. Sad part is, I actually haven’t been fishing on the PM myself since before leaving on

Fishing Report 6/14/24

June 14, 2024 Northern Angler Fishing Report

It is that time of year!  Christmas in June for those of you who covet dry fly fishing. The colder temperatures we had last week slowed the hatches down a bit and put things back on track.  Hex are here

And so it begins

After a few false starts, the hex have come to the Au Sable.  Not wanting to fall victim to rumor, I made it to the river tonight for some first-person verification.   There hadn’t yet been a big blow-out hatch on the upper river, but tonight seemed, at least in the