Fishing Report 9/28/23

September 28, 2023 Northern Angler Fishing Report

Fall is definitely here by the calendar as September comes to a close, but the warm temperatures make it feel more like late August, early September.  It has been very beautiful on the river the past week and I am

More Ants?

The last few days we’ve been fighting through a persistent east wind and spitting drizzle.   Now normally the spitting drizzle is exactly what the angler would want on the last week of September, but the water is crystal clear and the east wind seems to be keeping the fishing from

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September 28, 2023

We celebrated my business partner’s birthday last night so I slept in a bit today! Long story short, no time for a big report… (I’m doing this on my phone right now.)

Good news is that the fish are coming home now big time and regardless of the low

Colorado Winter Park Mountain Biking Vasquez Trails – Sunset Pink, WTB, RazzMatazz and Sundog #colorado #mtb #mountains Colorado day 2 I decided to rent a mountain bike and do some riding on the Vasquez trail. Ann was doing a high mountain art class so it was a perfect time to check out the local trails. I considered riding Trestles but wanted to do

September 25, 2023

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Not much new to report…The river is LOW & CLEAR with no significant amount of rain in the extended forecast.  The river is slowly filling in, but still WAY behind normal for this time of year.  There has been pushes of fish daily,

Low Water & Warm Days

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Fishing Report 9/22/23

September 22, 2023 Northern Angler Fishing Report

Fall is definitely here calendar wise, but it feels more like late August with mild temps at night at warm temperatures during the day. A very nice extension to our summer but it is making the migratory fish season

September 22nd, 2023

Starting to sound like a broken record but the fishing this week remains much the same as the previous couple of weeks. There are plenty of fish in the system, with lots of salmon being caught down town Grand Rapids, it sounds like they are stacked up below 6th

September 22, 2023

Hey guys, short on time as usual but I wanted to get you another update before the weekend. Water conditions have not improved and as a result the fish continue to push into the system in small batches…

I haven’t personably been upriver at all yet this season, but

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