May 30, 2023

Well, once again, you’ll have to forgive me as I’ve let social media take place of writing here for the most part for a while, but I do have a some things to share here that haven’t already been seen there.

The 26th annual BBT Spring River Cleanup back

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Late May Fishing Report

As May comes to an end, it sure seems like we are in middle of summer with these hot days. It’s been a while since we have had any significant rain leaving the trout rivers running low and clear. Thankfully evening temps have been cool which has kept the water


It seems more like the 4th of July than the 30th of May, summer time temps have arrived. The bass and pike activity is going strong but with the bright sky’s and clear water you need to keep you head in the game to get rewarded. With the clear water

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Late Spring in Michigans U.P.

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5/26/23 Fishing Report

As May is drawing to a close, the sulphur’s, mahoganies and caddis are all on the menu for the trout in the Upper Manistee River.  The warm days have been great for afternoon into early evening fishing with fish rising to caddis starting in the early afternoons then progressing

May 26th 2023

This is finally the time of the year we all have been waiting for, sunny warm days cooler nights! Bugs are hatching, trout are rising, bass are eating poppers life is good! So go enjoy the weekend and get on some fish doesn’t matter what you like fishing for

Trout Spey?

In my first couple years guiding for trout I did a lot of streamer trips. It was in high demand from a guiding standpoint and it was a great way to find a large brown trout. It also was a lot of WORK for clients to throw big flies

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The head

Monday was a perfect day – but we’ve had a lot of those lately.  Still:  70s, light wind, and a menu of bugs that favor such days: sulphurs, caddis, yellow stones, mahoganies.  I wanted to fish the Holy Waters.  Keep it simple.  Catch some small to medium trout and likely

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May 23, 2023

Shop Hours are 8am to 6pm Daily

I want to thank everyone that participated in our Spring River Clean-Up and few weeks ago!!!  We had a great turn out and picked up tons of trash.  The river is a much better place thanks to your efforts!!!!  Thank you!!!

Much better!!!!

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