January 31, 2024

Well, the hiatus is officially over and I’m ready to get back at it. Right on time as it turns out with this weather and water so… Let’s goooo!! We have a guide or guides available most of February as it stands as well as some scattered stuff in March

Fool’s Spring

It’s been warm pretty much everywhere.  I can see a future — a week or so from now — in which there is very little snow left in the woods.  This afternoon was positively spring-ish.  I even saw a trout rise yesterday.  Undoubtedly this is a fool’s spring, but I’m

New Horizons

My relationship with Matt goes back roughly 30 years when we both lived in Kalamazoo, spending our days working and having drinks on the area golf courses. As we grew we went our separate ways and began to build our lives and then by chance,e my brother bumped into Matt

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Seize the break

It’s hard to say how much winter we’re going to get, but the last two weeks were some winter.  I’m not lamenting the snow or the cold — the snow wasn’t too deep and the cold wasn’t too cold.  The usual things began happening.  The deer grouped up beneath the


There hasn’t been much in the way of fishing around here.  The first wave of snow hit on Friday evening and dumped the wet stuff, and the second wave came on Saturday evening and deposited darn near a foot of lake effect powder across Northern Michigan.  Then the temperatures plummeted

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Perch and Orange

Perch and Orange: A simple fly that was this fall and early winter’s best producer

This was a very unusual fall, as they all seem to be lately.   Many of the steelhead were initially small, and the water was very low and extremely clear.     We also

Big Snow

I meant to get more done the last few days but one snowstorm is going to lead right into an even bigger one this weekend, and that has led to some last-second scrambling in the name of preparedness.   This one is supposed to be a real banger:  40 MPH winds,

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