November 30, 2023

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Hey guys, just a quick hello and a brief report of

Colorado Summer 2023 Mountain Creek Fishing – Brook Trout and Moose Encounters #flyfishing #moose #fishing I took a 4wt flyrod and a handful of terrestrials out to Colorado this summer (2023) when my wife and I traveled there for vacation. I knew she’d want some down time and which would allow me to sneak away. Not that she’d care anyway but

More Steelhead Showing Up

We had a big bump in flows from recent rains, which resulted in few more steelhead showing up. The early fall steelhead bit has been a tough one. With that said, the swing game continues to be consistent, with clients able to get multiple grabs per trip.

The trout

Sweet November Steel!

(George with a Chromed Out Fall Steelhead)

Here’s my great friend and client George from Chicago with a beautifully chromed out fall steelhead from the Muskegon river.

(Muskegon River Sunrise)

More fall steelhead continue to enter the river system.  Water levels are good but temps are above average for

Fair weather

I think of November as the coldest month, as judged by the number of days where I’ve come inside from a day on the river or in the woods and it has taken hours, and a hot shower, to feel right.  But this November has been anything but cold.  It

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