Testing Our Patience

The salmon run is winding down and with a little higher flow rates and colder weather, steelhead continue to move into the system. We even had some snow the other day while we were on the river.

With all that said, steelhead are testing our patience right now. We’re having

Sweet Fall Chrome!

(Tim with a crystal chrome fall steelhead)

Here’s Tim from Chicago with a crystal chrome Muskegon river steelhead.  Nothing beats that first tug on the fly rod and especially when it’s a Muskegon river fall steelhead ripping your fly reel into its backing in seconds!  Congrats on a beautiful

It All Starts With The Skippers!

(Brian with a fall skipper steelhead from the Muskegon)

The fall steelhead run always start with the skippers; the juvenile steelhead that migrate first up the river system quickly followed by the adult steelhead.  Landing skippers is the first indication the fall steelhead run is about to happen.


October 24th 2023

After the last report our wishes came true and we finally received some rain.  Our local rivers all bumped up but we could still use some more water.  Current CFS has the Grand sitting at 3760cfs, The Muskegon at 1550 cfs, and the Rogue at 251 cfs. 


The Spawn

The trout are on the beds on the Au Sable and Manistee Rivers.  Be it moon or water temperature or whatever, the spawn seemed to start a week earlier than normal.   The picture at the top of the report shows a few brook trout beds (they like the pebbles that

  • Source: Gates Au Sable Lodge
  • Read full post: The Spawn

Steelhead Are In The System

Each day it seems like there are more steelhead showing up on the MO. With that said, we are working for them. They are dime bright and ready to fight. These early season steelhead pack a punch and this is our favorite time to fish.

Salmon is still going well

Late October Fishing Report

As October winds down, so has the salmon fishing. There seemed to be more salmon this year in the Manistee and Betsie rivers than in recent years as their population builds back up thanks to an increasing baitfish population in the lake. With so many salmon laying eggs in the

October 19. 2023

We are hosting our annual Fall River Clean-Up this Saturday, October 21st! We will meet at the shop at 8am to figure our float/boat or walk in assignments and all volunteers are welcome. Per usual we will provide the trash bags, cover the cost of the car shuttles and host

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