June 29th 2023

Warm weather returned last week and it blew the lid off the hex fishing. Good reports from across the state have been rolling in all week. The little dip in temps we had earlier this week should draw things out just enough for a last hurrah of hex fishing

Red lights, headlights and goodnights

Last week, a guest at the lodge woke up in a panic.  Middle of the night, pitch black…except for one little red light, glowing in the dark, seemingly coming closer.  “Anchor, anchor, anchor!” he yelled to his once-sleeping, now startled, wife.  “Anchor!!!!”  He’d mistaken the little red light on the

Fishing The “In-Between”

The name of the game lately has been fishing the “In-Between”. We’re seeing periods of great activity and then a lull in the smallmouth activity and then it picks back up again. Water temps are on the mid 60’s and we’ve been getting action on topwater and sub-surface.


June 28, 2023

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Late nights and short days best describes the current situation.  Hexes have been hatching well on most nights, but absent a couple cold/rainy evenings.  There has been some highs, lows, great victories and tough loses…”Hexin’ ain’t easy!”  It’s been a lot of fun

On The Hunt

The Grand River has been fishing pretty steady lately.  There are some periods of lulls but we continue to bring fish to net.  

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June 23, 2023

Hey guys, this one is going to be a bit of a cop out for me as I am very short on time (Appointment this afternoon) but wanted to get something up before the weekend…

These little guys have been eating some standard mayfly imitations, caddis and rubber legged attractors

Hexy time

I’m taking a much-needed night away from the river to gather my thoughts and breathe and process.  I do want to start with the fishing, which has been, as expected, hex fishing.  The big bugs are throughout the Au Sable river system and creeping onto the Manistee as well.  Water

  • Source: Gates Au Sable Lodge
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June 21st 2023

Warm weather has returned, and so have the Bugs. After things were put on hold a bit last week with the cold weather, we are back on track with this weeks warmer temps. Hex are going strong on rivers across the state. 

If you plan to head out

Late June Fly Fishing Report

As Summer (solstice) takes place on the 21st,  June starts to end and the night fishing really begins. Angler’s are looking for the nocturnal Hex Mayflies on the local trout rivers and some (Au Sable) have already begun and it’s about to begin on others (Manistee) if they haven’t already.

Brookie Fishing Michigan’s U.P.

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