April 28th 2023

Trout opener is tomorrow! So get ready to head back out to your favorite creek and small stream that has been closed for half the year! With the way the weather has been treating us its no surprise we have a huge rain storm moving in today. It seems

El Pappo! El Guapo!

Wanna give a special thanks out to my Dad for all the support and referral business he set up for me way back when to get my guide service off the ground years ago.  I couldn’t have done it without you Dad.  Truly appreciate all you’ve done for

Grind To Shine

There are still steelhead in the system and we continue to bring them to net. To be honest though, it’s a grind. As we move into May, less steelhead will be in the system as they start their journey back to Lake Michigan.

We are focusing more on trout

A Henny Opener

Well, thar she blows!  The hendricksons hatch is now roaring across much of the river system.  It happened in mere days, a shotgun start unlike any hendrickson hatch I can remember on the river.  The North?  Got ’em.  The South?  Got ’em.  The Main, middle river, below Mio, the Manistee…got

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