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September 23, 2021

New shop hours are 7am – 7pm Friday & Saturday and 8am – 6pm Monday – Thursday…sorry, but we are short handed!  We have an On-Line shop for off hours purchases or curbside pick-ups.  Give us a call or shop anytime on-line at BBT On-Line.

“When it comes to big fish,


It is 50 degrees.  It rained yesterday and it will rain tomorrow.  One of the pleasures of the first big cold front of the fall is the willingness for the trout to chase streamers.  Spring you get a few follows, but those trout that do chase intend to eat the

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Fall is in the air!

Fall is in the air! – RiverQuest Charters


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September 22, 2021

Well… I had a very nice person who was headed out with another guide this morning at the launch site take the time to thank me for all the reports over the years and it suddenly occurred to me… I’m not in Alaska any more and it’s been over a

Salmon Run is in Full Swing

The King Salmon run is in full swing on the Pere Marquette River.   You can find fish scattered throughout the whole river system.  Most of the fish are still in the deeper runs and pools with a few fish starting to spawn. The river is now low and clear with

Ants and things

If flying ants were a geyser, they would be the opposite of Old Faithful.  Some years they are just clockwork.  About five or six years ago, we had an early October week that was clockwork.  Every day that week was warm and hazy and overcast.  You’d start seeing the ants

Muskegon River Fishing Report – September 16, 2021 – Newaygo, Michigan

Muskegon River Fishing Report – September 16, 2021 – Newaygo, Michigan

Vince got a NICE Chinook salmon the other day….I got a job of holding it for his picture !

The Muskegon river fishing report for September 16, 2021 in the Newaygo, Michigan area is about the season of change

Slow transition toward fall

Slow transition toward fall – RiverQuest Charters


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