August 30, 2021

Just wanted to post a quick update.  Heavy storms rolled through the area Friday evening. 3 inches of rain was concentrated on the Baldwin River and caused significant flooding.  The river has crested, but there are probably several new trees across the river.  Baldwin Canoe Rental is sending crew down

Fishing Report 8/27/21

We’ve got a hot weekend lined up here at the end of August with temperatures reaching nearly ninety degrees around the Traverse City area. We’re hoping we get some of the rain predicted as our rivers are running low and clear. Unfortunately, it seems like we rarely get what

Future forecasts and other lies

There’s a lot hotter places to be, but I’m sick of the heat.  I’m sick of looking at the future forecast, eyeing what appears to be a good fall day, anticipating the afternoon olives and the little streamers, and watching those fabulous cool forecasts melt into what has been one,

August 20, 2021

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Summer is fading away too fast!!!  The kids are returning to school and football is starting! The evening air temps are reflecting the next season is approaching.  It feels great!  We have been very busy around the

Near and Far

I feel like I’ve fished all of the state the last two days.  Well, not really.  But I’m sunburnt and tired and happy.  After all that traveling the best fishing I had was right in front of the lodge, where I finally found a morning to exorcise some pent up

  • Source: Gates Au Sable Lodge
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Mid August Fishing Report

After last week’s rains, the rivers have returned to normal levels and clarity. Trout fishing is slowing down some due to all the food that washed downstream with the recent high water feeding the fish. And, well, it’s that time of year where the fish – it seems – are

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