July 20, 2021

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The conditions on the Pere Marquette River have consistently been inconsistently.  With that being said the fishing has been good.  We have experienced a couple high water events and now things are stabilizing.  The major hatches of

Mid June Fly Fishing Report

Mid-week rains have brought the seasonal rainfall almost up to it’s average annual amount making last month’s drought a memory and the river levels up, too. The water is high for this time of year and a bit stained due to the tannin and silt but there is still enough

Fishing Report 7/16/21

Well, we’ve certainly gotten more rain than most of us expected this past week. Our rivers will be running higher with some good stain this weekend. I hope that doesn’t discourage anyone from hitting the water however, there is still plenty of good fishing to be enjoyed! 



River Report – July 15, 2021

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report

I never thought I’d say this but, “The Mosquitos have finally arrived”!  Those little water-born bloodsuckers have been notoriously absent for most of the season.  It’s not that I’ve missed them exactly, but it’s just been weird.  And after a Spring that


Sometimes I wake up with no sense of direction.  Today I knew exactly where I was going and what I wanted:  BROOK TROUT.  Little rod, sunny skies, grassy banks, box of attractors…that was my mood.  I went to a swift, meadow stretch — a personal favorite.  I like to imagine

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Muskegon River Fishing Report – July 12, 2021 – Newaygo, Michigan

Muskegon River Fishing Report – July 12, 2021 – Newaygo, Michigan

Evan fished with cousin Austin and Grandpa Chuck recently and displays one of his many Smallmouth caught that day.

The Muskegon river fishing report for July 12, 2021 in the Newaygo, Michigan area is focused on the literal buffet

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