April 30, 2021

Hey guys,

First and foremost a quick reminder that our annual spring river cleanup is slated for tomorrow morning! We will meet at the shop at 9am to hand out garbage bags, sort out how many we are, take a group photo then try to disperse ourselves to do as

Spring Awakening

As with most things here in the midwest, life seems to be dictated to some degree by the change of season and uncertain weather patterns. For us anglers, these transitions are sometimes easier to anticipate than they are to actually prepare for. We spend the winter months restocking fly

River Report – April 29, 2021

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report

The Hendricksons continue to roll – albeit in fits and spurts.  We’ll have one or two slow days and then a day with a long two-hour hatch.  Fish are ever taking more notice and the rise strengthens with stronger emergences and healthy

Every day is different

Yesterday had one of those socked-in hendrickson afternoons.  You know the type:  warm enough for them to hatch, too cold for them to dry their wings.  In some stretches the water temperatures were warm enough for the bugs, but the fish didn’t really respond.  In other reaches, the trout were

26 years

26 years – RiverQuest Charters


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Standing Tall!

(Mark & Calvin Double Hitter!)

Standing Tall!  Here’s Mark and son Calvin from Madison, WI with two incredible, hard fighting steelhead from the Muskegon river.  Anyone who knows steelhead fishing, knows exactly how hard it is to land one of these magnificent fish at a time.  Well, here’s Mark and

One Cast Keys!

(Greg with a beast of a steelhead!)

Here’s my great friend Greg “One Cast Keys” from Big Rapids, MI with some incredible steelhead brought to the boat including the 33-inch, 17lb buck pictured top.  Great steelhead Greg!  Congrats!  Thanks so much for the continued support

Brother Ben!

(Ben with a hard fighting Buck!)

Here’s my brother Ben from LaCrosse, WI with a nice Muskegon river spring steelhead.

(Ben with a chromed out female steelhead)

Water conditions are very low and clear.  As the steelhead run starts to wind down the dry fly trout fishing will take center

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