Upper Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide

With such a short summer in the UP, everything seems to hatch at once. June trout fly fishing can feel like being at the grand finale of a fireworks display with everything going off at once. Sulphurs, Brown Drakes, Slate Drakes, BWOs, Caddis, Damsels and Stones. Boom, boom, boom. And


To see the current stream report for the Upper Manistee and Boardman Rivers, click the links below: CURRENT UPPER MANISTEE RIVER STREAM REPORT


CURRENT BOARDMAN RIVER STREAM REPORT These links are updated at least once a week on the Orvis website.

<img aria-describedby="caption-attachment-837" class="wp-image-837 size-full" src="https://streamsideorvis.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Brown-trout-Dave-image.jpg" alt="" width="640"

Top Steelhead Hooks

Hooks for Steelhead

Top picks for steelhead hooks, talk about a sticky topic! I’m sure this is going to open a can of worms, but I wanted to address this topic as it gets a lot of attention amongst our guide staff. Every day, no matter what we are

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas – RiverQuest Charters


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