Winter Steelhead Manifesto- An Obession


Coming in the winter issue of Hallowed Waters Journal…”Cold Steel Dreaming-An Obsessive Winter Steelheader’s Manifesto”. The complete Zen bible and passion on this brutal winter game that is a cult gig where endurance, karma, obsessive/compulsive Merlin-esque sorcery qualities are needed to often conjure up the deep freeze bite. The tactical

River Report – November 26, 2020

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report

It’s one curve ball after another when Mother Nature pitches November weather.  Hunting bucks in the Michigan rifle season is the big leagues.  So far this year, I’m batting below the Mendoza line, but it’s not over yet and I’ll keep stepping

Covid Christmas Wish List

It’s that time of year, as an angler we get our promotional boxes inundated with useless ‘NEED TO HAVE’ items for next season. My aim is simple. I will keep it brief, speak only what I have personally used, and share my experience. The rest is up to you. Share

Steelhead Season

Fishing has been pretty good over the last couple weeks. We are officially in the throws of steelhead season. Temps are dropping, although they are dropping slowly and that is drawing out fall a bit which we are happy about. 

Steelhead are around in most every river system at


We’re a little behind with our reports as we’ve been busy on the water. While Michigan is under a limited stay-at-home order, we are not affected by it and continue to run trips.

We’ve said goodbye, until April, to the smallmouth and pike and hello to the steelhead.

Year in Review #Covid-19

It has been one of the most unusual years. From the early cancellation of Detroit Fly Fishing show and some residual panic in retailers to continuing into early summer with more people on the river at many locations I can recall in recent years. It turned out to be decent

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