Sept 28 2020

Salmon season is going great guns!!!

Although numbers of fish have been on the light side on most rivers, there are good numbers around, just not great numbers. The plus, is that the size is up again this year.

Fall steelhead season is right around the corner….less than a couple

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Sept. 28 2020

The wild ride of 2020 on the lake is over, looking forward to 2021 already!!!

Our season on the big lake ended just after labor day 2020, it was a crazy start to the year and a finish that lacked those high levels of excitement. Fishing was ok to good

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End of September Fishing Report

A lack of significant rain this month has local rivers running lower and clearer than normal and prolonging the salmon run. The upper Manistee river provided visibility like I had never seen before – it was a unique opportunity to see the water in greater detail as far as structure

Fall Colors

It’s so beautiful along the river right now it’s almost easy to ignore when the fishing is slow.  High skies, bright leaves, and snooty fish.  My dad and I made it out for a sweet float this afternoon down a suddenly deserted river.  it was tough.  The little olives were hatching

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Fishing Report 9/21/20


Boardman River

Upstream Trout Water 

Where: Boardman River Nature Center – The Forks Campground When: Mornings & Evenings are best untill we get some cloudy days Dries: Patriots, Caddis, Beetles, Ants, Hoppers Nymphs: Prince Nymph, Red Tags, Pheasant Tails, Stoneflies Streamers: GO SMALL! Sex Dungeons, Zoo Cougars, Wet Skunks 

Trout anglers

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