Low & Clear.

The Grand River is low. The gage in Ada, for a brief period, dipped below 6.75 feet. Even with the recent rains the river didn’t pop all that much and is coming back down quickly. Clarity went from gin clear to slightly stained. With no rain in the near term

End of August Fishing Report

With August coming to an end it is apparent that the Trico hatch on the local trout rivers has also come to an end. This time of year typically is a transition time where fish start focusing on subsurface presentations and streamer patterns but it’s still summer-like and the fish

A little summer rain

It sure did rain a lot this morning.  The South Branch has come up and when I waded it today it was dark in the middle but already it has begun to drop.  The Holy Waters was clear at dusk today and the trout rose through most of the afternoon. 

Fishing Report 8/26/20

If you’re here looking for information regarding the fall Salmon run, it’s still a little early. Fish are staging off of the Betsie and Manistee but we’re going to need some rain to start seeing fish push upstream. Kings are also starting to stage off of the Boardman in West

August 26, 2020

First pic (4:35am today) = the second (8am today) and rising! Please keep in mind that fast moving fish are hard to catch and are hard to see in dirty water so, don’t expect an overnight miracle!

A nice big storm that moved thru early this

Website Issues

Thanks to all who have reached out to let me know that you’ve had issues the website recently. It looks like the last update to WordPress mangled a few things on the backend. Things may not look quite the same as my Chief Technology Officer (Jeanne) tries to fix it.

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