Summers last Trickle

I needed something. A moment, brief as it may be, but just some time away. The media, the divided country, phone calls, yard work/bathroom remodel/travel/guide trips/Covid-19/plans for fall-  it had me dizzy, spiraling. I took my opportunity and hit the river, solo mission. Zero agenda. No promotional attaché’. Just

August Fly Fishing Report

With August here we usually think about the dog days of summer, but seeing how we have already had five weeks of them, the trend continues as does our current fishing conditions. Trout anglers are finding the waters of the upper Manistee and Boardman in the low to mid-60s (depending

August 8, 2020

Hey guys! Just a quick note today to let everyone know that after just 7 glorious weeks in Alaska rather than the 11 I originally planed, I volunteered to return home early and am now back in Baldwin.

I was told that having seniority at our camp would allow

River alive

What a great week of fishing.  It’s been cool, cloudy, wind-free, and wonderful.  That alone is enough to enjoy.  But the nice water temperatures have made for lots of feeding trout, and several days we’ve enjoyed trout rising throughout the day.  Yep.  That’s good.  I got out to enjoy it

  • Source: Gates Au Sable Lodge
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Fantastic Fishing!

The Grand River continues to be in great shape and is fishing well. It’s low and water clarity is the best we’ve seen in quite sometime for this river. When we do get rain, the grasses are acting as filer to help keep the clarity in check.

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