Hex Season

It’s that time of year where darkness brings out the big bugs, big fish and big crowds. The rivers are in good shape with a little more water in them than normal (2 inches?) and a slight stain compared to the typical clear, low water found this time of year.

  • Source: Current Works, Ted Kraimer
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River Report June 25, 2020

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report

Hey Folks,

I’ve been running ragged working the shop and guiding and have been a little behind with the reports I know you are all looking for.

So, here it is.  Hex are winding down on the Au Sable and are all

Fishing Report 6/22/20

It’s always entertaining in the shop this time of year. You can always tell who has been on the river the night before… They’re the ones that skip that ubiquidous question “is it happening yet” and head straight for the 1X because apparently 2X wasn’t enough for the big one

The Big Dance | Hex Hatch

The hex hatch is a unique experience in Northern Michigan that can drive someone crazy. Some individuals plan vacations around some people skip sleep and drive north after work and return home before sun rise.  It is not until you “hit it” that an individual gets what all the hype

June 19 2020

June has arrived…..

The month of June is pretty much a mixed bag option, Lake trout are currently filling in for the King salmon we had here last month…though a few salmon and steelhead are being caught daily. The kings will be big this summer when they return in numbers.

  • Source: Rivers Bend Guide Service
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June 19 2020

Summertime….plenty of options!!

Summer is upon us…plenty of choices….trout? smallmouth? King salmon?

Local rivers are running normal and the fishing has been great. The Muskegon is producing some trout still, however as it warms the smallmouth bass fishing will take over center stage. Minnow and crayfish patterns as well as

  • Source: Rivers Bend Guide Service
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Father’s Day Fishing Report

One of my favorite times of year in Michigan.  Unlimited opportunities across the state chasing trout on dry flies.  All leading up to the big dance with the hex hatch on the horizon.  Brown drakes and grey drakes were the main bugs on northern rivers across the state and the

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