January 28th, 2020

Trout and Steel have been great lately, and the weather has been very cooperative. No huge rain storms recently have allowed the water to reside, and stabilize nicely. We actually got a good amount of melt last week, and some of the water temps really dropped because of it. Still,

Good luck in 2020 my Scottish friends!!!…long live your leapers!

 (image Matt Supinski)

This is an excellent overview of this critical situation:

My thoughts :..Good luck in 2020, my good Scottish and U.K. friends!…it can only get better!. The fact that you had larger 3 salt salmon returning late into the summer last year was a very good sign.
It is great to see

2020 Speaking Events

We have several speaking events around the Midwest and we would love to see you at them.     Here is a list of upcoming events:    

January 17-18:   Speaking and Booth space Heartland Fly Fishing Festival, Lebanon, Indiana

January 19:   Speaking Grand River Fly Tyers, Grand

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