River Report – July 29,2019

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report

Somehow the world has turned enough to put us right into August.  Understanding where Summer started to slip away is a head scratcher.  Seems like we just got started and already we’re only weeks from September.

I guess it’s because everything in

Summer Fly Fishing Report

As August comes around, we find that the seasons are becoming a bit more aligned with where they should be for this time of year. Trout fishing has eased up with less hatches to match, but with fish still looking to come up to eat a dry fly. The Tricos

River Temperature

Summer Trout Fishing

River Temperature and Trout, They Can Be In Danger

Hopefully  most anglers realize that when water temperatures get too warm in our trout streams it is best to leave the fish alone. The reason is that warmer water holds less oxygen and therefore stresses trout. When you

A Nat Geo Moment

The Mighty Eagle

One of the coolest things I have ever seen!

Early last spring, there was a lull in the fishing.  Our steelhead fishing was not where it should be, the weather was cold, and I was spending some time photographing waterfowl.

Fishing Wilds in Icy National Forest Spring creeks just up the road!

Wild raspberries, wild flowers and wild trout!!!!…. what an awesome combination. Spent the extreme heat index weekend with good clients and friends: R Charles McLravy ( aka famous mystery author Charles Cutter), and his son / protégés Tom hiking into the headwaters of the Huron- Manistee National Park tiny spring

Late July Fly Fishing Report

As we get deeper into July we can look back and claim this year’s hex hatch as a strange one. It started much later than normal and when the bugs did come off, they came off quite heavily. With a string of cool evenings, some days there was both a

River Report – July 17, 2019

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report

Well I guess we have to call the Hex Hatch finished for 2019. Sort of anyway.  Our insect hatches never turn of like a light switch; instead, they sort of linger and nag at anglers like a leaky faucet.  It’s hard not

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