Tonight was exactly what an Au Sable night should be, and not even hex would have made it better.  The higher water levels have made solitude easier to come by for the wading angler.  Lately, I’ve been wading angler.  There is a freedom to being on foot, sneaking along some

Still a few Drakes …now big fat trout, bigger mayflies and perfect water conditions!

The gray drake hatch was the most massive and insane mayfly hatch we have witnessed in 25 years! …its now just about done!…thank God! Never thought I would be wishing a mayfly hatch to go away!- when they were that thick it was tough to even fish for dinks!

Many 20

June 19th 2019 | H E X H A T C H ?

It’s Wednesday, and the weekend is looming. Plans are forming, and reforming, by the hour. Strategizing for the hex hatch can be stressful. Seems like everyone scrambles to form a plan designed to outwit everyone else. It can be an endless loop of pivotal decisions. 

“Where are we going!? What

Drew’s Artwork

Drew Rosema has been busy making some great artwork.  For those who don’t know, Drew is a wizard with the colored pencil, which is a gift he discovered when he was young.

Have a look below.    Thanks,

Kevin Feenstra


Gearing Up For The Hex Hatch by Dave Leonhard


The big bugs are nearly here. Sulfurs (both of the tiny pale yellow mayflies ephemerella invarias #16 and ephemerella dorotheas #18), yellow stoneflies #12-14, brown drakes #10, isonychia bicolor #10, and of course, the hexagenia limbata (hex #4-6). It doesn’t

River Report June 14, 2019

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report

The rains keep falling. The rivers rise.  The hatches keep moving along.

Some reaches of river have become too high and clouded to effectively fish. It can be stressful for the anglers that have planned a fishing adventure some twelve months ago

Time To Rise!

(Muskegon River Brown Trout)

More times than not the opportunity at big brown trout is won or lost by the timing of the rise.  These trout although big in size don’t like to waste a lot of energy when feeding.  And with an over abundance of spent drakes floating

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