Late June Fly Fishing Report

As June winds down, we seem to be waiting for more mayfly hatches to ramp up. Fishing the past week has been tough on the local rivers which have warmed up into the mid 60’s. Hatch densities and fish looking up for bugs has been less than what we have

Caddis and Isonychia hatches have been great!- the whole river is fishing very well/excellent conditions

With higher than normal flows (3,000cfs)-actually perfect flows and water releases for this time of year!… and cool water temps, the Muskegon has been fishing AWESOME!…caddis all day have the trout looking up, and Isonychias, Stenos and still have gray drakes at dusk, the browns and rainbows are fatter and

Hexagenia Limbata

Hexagenia Limbata The Hex Hatch

The most highly anticipated may fly hatch in Michigan is the hex hatch. These big mayflies bring the largest fish in the river up to the surface to feed. Hexagenia Limbata is a floating filet mignon to a trout. Therefore the Hex Hatch, whether

Fishing Report 6/21/19

The weekend is finally here and it looks like we’re going to get some beautiful weather…until Sunday that is. Oh well, we’re all used to it by now right? 

I have been harping on everyone to be adaptable and this week will be no different as we continue to

Big Bug Fly Fishing Report

Water levels on the local rivers are falling back into shape. While they are a higher than normal for this time of year, they are fishable and have a little stain to them – almost ideal. Water temperatures are still cool due to cool nights and a lack or significant

River Report – June 19, 2019

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report

The fishing since the last report on the Au Sable has been surprising. The hatches came off as predicted but with the unprecedented cold and high stream conditions, good catching was improbable.  We expected tough angling, but what we got was amazing.

Still a few Drakes …now big fat trout, bigger mayflies and perfect water conditions!

The gray drake hatch was the most massive and insane mayfly hatch we have witnessed in 25 years! …its now just about done!…thank God! Never thought I would be wishing a mayfly hatch to go away!- when they were that thick it was tough to even fish for dinks!

Many 20

Drew’s Artwork

Drew Rosema has been busy making some great artwork.  For those who don’t know, Drew is a wizard with the colored pencil, which is a gift he discovered when he was young.

Have a look below.    Thanks,

Kevin Feenstra

River Report June 14, 2019

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report

The rains keep falling. The rivers rise.  The hatches keep moving along.

Some reaches of river have become too high and clouded to effectively fish. It can be stressful for the anglers that have planned a fishing adventure some twelve months ago

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